I really couldn’t be arsed to write a convoluted post about my personal experiences with Telstra because it’s not news to anybody.

In fact, everybody knows that their level of customer service is comparable to that of skanky whore with syphilis and a gangrenous, pustule-ridden mouth attempting a $1000 blow job. It’s way over priced and pretty fucking wank if the truth be told!

The tooth fairy, an intelligent hoon, weapons of mass destruction, a non-nagging wife, honest politicians, the chances of Collingwood winning the flag this year, Telstra customer service……can you see where I’m going with this?

Telstra, to say you care for your customers is like Dr. Harold Shipman claiming he cared for his patients.

Claims that customer service even exists are like the backed up longdrop dunnies at a Phall eating marathon…….full of shit!