Googling Nude Photos of Julia Gillard

I find it not a little disturbing that the vast majority of visitors come here by way of a Google search for nude photos of Julia Gillard! This is the reason why they come, ergo the reason the post appears in Google’s search results but is anyone able to explain to me why one would be Googling for images of Australia’s Deputy Prime Minister in her birthday suit?

No disrespect Julia but there’s only one thing slightly more disturbing and that would be the notion that some people search for explicit imagery of Kevin Rudd!

For those of you who have arrived here in the false hope of seeing The Honourable Ms Gillard in the buff, I apologise for the anti-climax but offer the following snippet of trivia instead…

…the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia was born in Wales, no less and if you’ve read anything else on here, the significance of that statement will be clear.

Waving it for Wales!
Waving it for Wales!


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