I find it extremely difficult to motivate myself to go jogging. In fact, motivation for any sort of fitness-related exertion is nigh on impossible to muster. Before you jump down my throat with unhelpful comments related to bone-idleness and such, may I add that there is a genuine underlying medical reason for this. I’d rather go to the dentist AND watch paint dry than pound the pavement and so I am on a mission to uncover something a little more inspiring.

Boot camps seem to be popular at the moment and I suppose this might be one way to encourage some, with the bonus of a (somewhat) varied workout but even these become repetitive quickly and to be honest, a boot camp that boasts an absence of screaming and shouting orders, is hardly a ‘boot camp’; camp certainly.

I don’t necessarily have a huge problem with repetitiveness but the ‘chore’ needs to be interesting or at least different from the run-of-the-mill workouts.

I remember basic training in the Paras, where the barking of NCO’s was all the motivation anyone needed. The promise of a ‘beasting’ was an unnecessary bonus for below par performance. Then there were the 10 mile tabs (speed marches) in full combat gear, 40+lb pack and weapon, in all weathers and terrain were not necessarily the most fun one could think of but they were, if nothing else, part of a varied and highly effective fitness program.

So if anyone out there can think of a unique or interesting method of getting fit, I’d be interested to give it a go.