So as another crap year draws to a close I thought I might proffer one final peice of inane literary tripe by exposing some of the sick and depraved who frequent Gobbledegeek 2.0. by summarising the search strings that lured them here during 2009.

The comprehensive visitor statistics gathered by WordPress detail, amongst numerous other things, precisely the site from whence you came, the browser you used, your IP address,  and best of all, the search string you used (which obviously resulted in a link here)!

Without a doubt, the most frequently used search string in 2009 was any variation of ‘Nude photos of Julia Gillard‘ for Christ’s sake (original post). I still cannot fathom why anyone would be searching for nude photos of the Welsh red-headed politician (no offence J). The runner up is the very steady performer that is any variation of ‘simple pizza recipe‘. The one-eyed, almost but not quite, entirely unlike, quasi-serial killer ‘Barry Rochford‘ is behind bars in third (original post). For those in search of ‘telstra customer service‘, let’s face it, it’s an oxymoron (like ‘happily married’ or low calorie ‘chocolate covered bacon‘). You’re not going to find it. It’s like Shangri-bloody-la!

I would also like to highlight some of the slightly more odd searches that have resulted in your  arrival at my doors! These are just a few:

  • want suck my dick bendigo (sic) – no thanks. I’m still digesting Christmas turkey and how in God’s name did that get you here?
  • bendigo peadophiles (sic) – were you looking for their home page?
  • barry rochford is dead – err, sadly not true.
  • are welshmen poms – no they are not! Who searched for this?
  • axedale pig farts – don’t they all?
  • hoons are human too – and Australia will win the soccer World Cup!

So remember, if your Googling includes embarrassing search strings and you end up here, I have your IP address and I may just use it! You know who you are!

“So long and thanks for all the fish” or if you prefer, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!