With wife and newborn baby due to return within 24 hours, I notice with feelings of horror and loathing, the mountain of ironing with my name on it. I am reasonably sure that once I get started, it won’t be so bad but finding the motivation is proving to be a deal breaker.

In March 1923, in an interview with The New York Times, the British mountaineer George Leigh Mallory was asked why he wanted to climb Mount Everest, and replied, ‘Because it’s there’. The answer became famous, not least because Mallory himself was lost on Everest in the following year. It was sometimes suggested that he and his fellow-climber Andrew Irvine, who were last seen ‘going strong for the summit’, might in fact have reached it before their deaths, but there was no proof.

I don’t know where they summon the motivation from to attempt such ascents but ‘because it’s there’ certainly doesn’t help me begin to negotiate my own personal mountain. I fear that like Mallory, I too will become lost while ‘going strong for the summit’. My only wish is that it doesn’t take 75 years to find my body. I start my Access to Radiography course on Monday and they won’t hold my place!


extreme ironing
Extreme Ironing!



Editors Note:

Originally posted on a now closed down blog back in 2005 but I thought I should relist it here for posterity.