As Long as we Beat the English we Don’t Care

It wasn’t that long ago that the British peoples were spilling each others blood on the battlefield and even though we now coexist under one united banner, (blame the Act of Union) not a great deal has changed . These days our battlefields are the rugby parks of Twickenham, Croke Park, Murrayfield and The Millenium Stadium, where lines are drawn and blood frequently spilt. But as serious as a rugby union international is, there is nothing but humorous banter between supporters.

That said, the Celtic Nations band together, united against the Olde Enemy that is England. Of course, we hope and pray that our own team will prevail but if the truth be known, we don’t care who wins as long as it’s not the English.

The Stereophonics voiced this sentiment by putting this little ditty together…

Let it not be said that the Scots have no sense of humour. Slanj, the renowned Scottish kilt manufacturer, has added a couple of highly amusing t-shirts to its line of recreational wear which has caught the unwanted attention of Grampian Police.

An officer called in to advise the store “to consider whether the display was appropriate and should be removed”, in relation to thier ‘Anyone But England’ t-shirts. It was suggested that the t-shirts might be construde as rasist.

Read the full article here.

The t-shirts have been produced for this Summer’s World Cup in South Africa and include one for the unofficial supporters club of the teams England will compete with in Group C.

Racist? Do me a favour! I think they’re bloody hilarious and I’m going to buy some!



Anyone but the English
Anyone but the English


Group C Supporters Club
Group C Supporters Club


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