It goes without saying that an essential ingredient of going to watch a live International rugby match is the ticket but after days spent tracking down accommodation, I thought I’d left it too late….

Ticketek were telling me that only crap seats were available and that I might be confined to the temporary stand where die-hard fans actually stand and huddle around a 3 inch portable TV to share the experience. However, in the hope of a minor miracle, I called Waikato Rugby Union’s Sales Manager, John Mudford, who usually deals with the stadium’s hospitality goodness that us mere mortals only dream of affording. I explained my predicament and his response was short and sweet.

“Don’t worry, I’ll sort you out first thing in the morning”. It would have been rude to ask why he couldn’t sort it out there and then but he explained that he was out of the office and that I should send him an email with my preference.

Would you Adam and Eve it? This morning I receive an email confirming that they have reserved one of the best seats in the house for me. Apparently, they hide a few prime seats away from Ticketek and the like, for hospitality/corporate clients….and idiots who leave it very late, it appears.

So, for the icing on what could have been a rather disappointing cake, a big ‘thank you’ goes out to Waikato Rugby Union and especially, John Mudford and Sue Raynor.

I can only hope that Wales perform as well on the day!