The little dicks and armchair generals are at it again. Posturing, that is. Not that they actually ever stopped after the last bloody nose they received at the hands of the British military. But before long, they will lead Argentina into another confrontation that it could barely support the first time around, 30 years ago.

As one commentator quite rightly points out, possession is nine tenths of the law and given (only) Britain’s colonisation, the islands should remain British. Ask the Falkland Islanders? They will, every man, woman, child and sheep, say…

Fuck off Argentina! We’re British!

…and rightly so!

I really don’t like John Terry but let’s be honest, in the following tete-a-tete, who’s your money on?

England v Argentina
Tevez = Argie = Arse









History shows us that Argentina produces quality arses. Particularly military generals. Here’s a very good example of an Argentine arse:

Quality Argentine Arse
Quality Argentine Arse