A 21 year old Australian female cries rape and gets 2 weeks in jail.

You might be forgiven for thinking the punishment was a bit harsh following such an¬†alleged¬† traumatic ordeal at the hands of a Thai taxi driver; Lord knows it can be a painful enough experience with some cabbies. However it wasn’t until authorities watched video footage of her arriving safely at her holiday apartment that the truth became clear.

The unnamed 21 year old female tourist from Sydney, confessed to fabricating the story and was duly sentenced to two weeks in jail.

Personally, I believe her sentence should have been equivalent to that of a convicted rapist. Give the bitch 15 years to life and I guarantee she, and other ugly fat chicks will think twice before trying to ruin some innocent’s life and costing tax payers countless dollars and that’s on the assumption that she would ever make it out of jail alive.

Oh, a word to the authorities involved, please release her name. The public should be warned.

Absolutely despicable. Shame on you ugly fat Australian chick.

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