Being a good friend of the guys over at Bendigo Web Design, I am often asked to review and spell check their new websites before going live. I was very interested in their alternative design for the, which I am led to believe took all of a weekend to build.

The bendigocuesports website proper has taken a staggering number of months (more than a year, if I am not mistaken) and is still strewn with broken links, missing data and errors, not to mention a God-awful design and terrible navigation.

I am also led to believe that the was to be offered at a gold coin donation before the Bendigo Eightball Association president relinquished his post. No doubt the current website was paid for from team fees…..what a waste.

Anyway, having been given the opportunity to review it, I have to say that it looks more like a website I would like representing the associations than the current version.

Review each site yourself below. Bear in mind the alt version is a demonstration of design and not up to date, while the proper version is meant to be complete and working.



Current Site  |  Alternative Site