A middle-aged Nhulunbuy resident and part-time visionary has launched an offline service called ‘the pub’, which allows friends to interact within the confines of a physical structure, rather than a digital interface such as computer or mobile phone.

48-year-old Seamus sees ‘the pub’ as a place where people can verbally communicate face-to-face while drinking beer. He said: “There’s $20 steak on Saturdays, parmi specials on Tuesdays, badge draw on Thursdays and regular visits by local and national musicians.”

24-year old blogger Feebi Kyteisha-Rhay commented: “I love ‘the pub’ because it’s so quaintly interactive and exciting. For example, my girlfriend will say something about her life, and then I comment, and then she comments back, and then I comment, and so on.

“It’s an amazing platform for trumpeting my half-baked politics, judgemental observations and making vague statements about being unhappy so my friends feel obliged to pay me some attention.

“Often I’ll say something and a total stranger will chime in with a comment like ‘Why don’t you crawl under a rock and die, you ugly b***?’ So it’s not completely different to the internet.”

However, police have warned about the potential dangers of ‘the pub’: “People in ‘the pub’ aren’t always who they seem to be. You might be approached by a seemingly affable yet glassy-eyed stranger declaring their unwavering friendship, only to insult you when you refuse to give him a smoke and buy him a beer. A middle-aged man could even claim to be a small girl. Stay alert and use your eyes.”