by Majik

Today we are having a brief look at sounds, some of their affects and possibly how they can be used for our betterment. For me, an easy way to understand the importance of sound to human beings is to start with the first months of gestation. The idle and inner ear are practically of adult size by the 5th month and is the first sensory organ to evolve suggesting that sounds affect the rest of the developmental stages. Of course, this has been researched by a number of studies one of which used the Brahms Lullaby, the stringed version, on premature infants. The results were faster weight gain, fewer complications and earlier release from hospital.

As some are unconscious to the discord of sound we experience as sound can produce both beauty and inspiration, health and wellbeing, or it can be destructive as the story of the seven trumpets destroying a city in the bible relates. Through sound then it is possible to change our brainwaves, heartbeat, DNA and respiration rhythm by using sound to reintroduce sympathetic resonance that can heal.

Music then as we have seen above has an important role to play in the health both formative and ongoing of human beings. In fact, it pertains to every life form on this planet. Plants grow better to some types of music. Whales and Dolphins sing it along with other animals in the way of the natural communications they make. It makes sense then that sound has been employed throughout history as a therapy. Who has not changed the type of music they are listening to because it does not suit their mood? It also connects all cultures on earth. The Greek god Apollo was the god of both music and medicine. Music has been used then by all cultures as a healing therapy, the Indians of the Americas with song and dance, Ancient Egypt in the temples, in the Bible to vanquish evil spirits, the Greeks, Aesculapius who cured mental illness with song, Plato, Aristotle, claimed it affected the soul and emotions, and Hippocrates who played music also for his patients.

We know now that everything almost to our perceptions are how we interpret waves of energy. Sound then reaches our ears and is converted to electrical signals that call on our bodies to make a response and in doing so alters our emotions, releases hormones and other chemicals that affect our bodies, moods and trigger other responses such as memory and a smile, even anger.

Healing then with sound is like I mentioned with the previous article a matter of entrainment. Healing a particular body part then is a matter of playing the sounds in the frequencies that relate to it. Epigenetics simply means the study of the control mechanisms of DNA. It is what determines how hereditary traits such as athleticism, intellectual capacity and human resilience can be radically altered in just three generations instead of the hundreds that the drooling Darwinists would have the human race believe it takes to adapt DNA sequences.

By combining epigenetics with the manipulation of resonance fields the potential is there to breed a very select master race whose whims are catered to by a vast slave race of idiots.

Since the 1970s this has involved the binaural beat. This is said to combine the two hemispheres of the brain creating a third internal tone.

A quick search of the web will result in many differing methods of healing with music, from binaural beats, Bonny Method, Dalcroze Eurythmics and of course Mantra and guided meditation

I prefer meditation. Using my voice as an instrument as it seems to be a quality of my own vibration, it can lower blood pressure, improve sleep, calms the mind and reduces tensions and stress. There a lot of different ways of using your voice whether it be in affirmation, prayer chant, or mantra to name a few. I this regard though I am attracted by an ancient Egyptian legend stating that knowledge of our true tone is powerful and should never be shared.

Healing by sound is a topic that has many inputs and is only in its infancy and requires much more research. This direction as we know is not promoted by mainstream scientific research mainly from lack of funding, not interest. Whether you are looking at an alternative method of healing or simply trying to maintain good health it is well worth the effort to look further and find something that suits you.

Next time we are going on a brief journey into a different tone, Solfeggio, a music for the soul…

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