Two Rough Diamonds…One French Firecracker…and a story … wild and unpredictable…

Set amidst the rugged splendor of the Australian Outback, two fun-loving drifters, Singing raconteur Phil O’Brien and ex Jailbird Al Zimdahl come across a French beauty ‘Elisa’, alone in the middle of nowhere, and on a mission to find what she really wants out of life. A gifted Singer and musician, the bright lights of Paris and her Fathers business caused her disillusion, and she’d thrown herself into the empty vastness of the Northern Territory hoping to find answers.

The unlikely trio hit the road, and there’s plenty of culture clashes along the way. They sing for their supper at lonely roadhouses and pubs and eat roadkill to survive. Somewhere among the beer-soaked bulldust Phil writes what he thinks to be no ordinary song …a gift from God… a Number one hit single! But their days together are numbered.

Fate might have brought them together, but life now tares them apart!

The plot explodes into a fusion of comedy and drama complete with an epic journey to end all epic journeys. Made from a budget of small change found under someone’s car seat, this film conjures up some great emotions as well as some poignant philosophy and hits above its weight in old-fashioned rough-edged raw entertainment. A lively Northern Territory cast including legendary actor David Gulpilil and garnished with a fantastic soundtrack including Blues balladeer of distinction Don Morrison and the edgy swamp grunge sounds of Geoff Morrison and the Low down dirty shame, a film for all to enjoy!

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Somewhere…just north of a song from Phil O’Brien on Vimeo.