Luke Thurrowgood at Stamper Constructions Pty Ltd Bendigo

Luke Thurrowgood at Stamper Constructions Pty Ltd Bendigo, your considerable invoice is now 6 months overdue!

My good friend over at Bendigo Web Design has five kids to support and is barely scraping by but he dropped everything and bent over backwards to accommodate you and you repaid him by ignoring his invoices and repeated attempts to communicate. 5 months ignoring all efforts to contact you and then out of the blue, you ask for bank details to pay your debt. Not surprisingly, another month passes without further contact. You should be ashamed of yourself. Instead of sticking your head up your arse and ignoring respectful requests to pay for the services given, you simply had to communicate and come to an arrangement.

Karma is a bitch and I sincerely hope you get what you deserve.

Stop being a grubby weazel, man up and pay your debts.


It appears we are not the only ones looking for him…

luke-thurrowgood-bendigoPOLICE are continuing to search for wanted man Luke Thurrowgood in the Bendigo region.

The 30-year-old man is wanted after failing to answer bail in relation to drug, assault and traffic matters.

Thurrowgood is known to frequent the Bendigo and Maribyrnong areas.

He is described as being 185cm tall, medium build, fair complexion with brown hair, blue eyes and normally has a beard.

Investigators have released an image of Thurrowgood in the hope someone recognises him and can provide information regarding his whereabouts.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or submit a confidential report at

7ft slate bed pool table for sale in Bendigo – SOLD

Superior quality full size (7″ pub/comp) pool table for sale. One piece Italian slate bed. Very heavy extra chunky solid timber with large detachable and adjustable legs. Quality brass and leather trim. Blue English napped felt still playable but rubbers may need to be replaced soon. Cloth dust cover, genuine Aramith pool and snooker balls, cues and assorted accessories. Excellent condition. Well looked after.

$1200 ono.

Dismantled for easy (ish) transport. Pick up from Bendigo.

I will also throw in a domain name, website and hosting if interested.

Star Wars action figures sold separately.



Contact, through Facebook or comment below.

Want a swap a pool table for a website?

The guys over at Bendigo Web Design are on the hunt for a pool table. Check out there article…

I am looking for a slate bed pool table in exchange for a website. If you have one but need a website more, this could be your lucky day!

If you have 7ft x 3.6ft slate bed pool table and are looking to move it on, I am willing to offer you a cutting edge, professional, feature-packed content management system based website which includes one year’s free domain name registration and one year’s free Aussie hosting, all to the value of $1699 and this even includes my legendary maintenance, technical support and the extra mile as standard.

I would also be willing to add extra value by including additional features, should the table merit.

For an idea of what you can expect, please visit the Bendigo Web Design portfolio.

The table must comprise a single piece slate bed and may be either a coin-op pub style or the more traditional home style. The felt needs to still have a generous amount of life in it with no tears or stains. The feet should be height adjustable and the overall condition should be very good; reasonable wear and tear accepted.

I am happy to arrange pickup.


Hosting account and website setup (50% complete).
I take delivery of table.
Domain registration and website completion.

I am actively searching for a suitable table and so this offer will not last long. If you are interested, please get in touch ASAP by using this contact form. You can also send me a text message or call on 04670 47692.

Argentina Looking for a Another Bloody Nose?

The little dicks and armchair generals are at it again. Posturing, that is. Not that they actually ever stopped after the last bloody nose they received at the hands of the British military. But before long, they will lead Argentina into another confrontation that it could barely support the first time around, 30 years ago.

As one commentator quite rightly points out, possession is nine tenths of the law and given (only) Britain’s colonisation, the islands should remain British. Ask the Falkland Islanders? They will, every man, woman, child and sheep, say…

Fuck off Argentina! We’re British!

…and rightly so!

I really don’t like John Terry but let’s be honest, in the following tete-a-tete, who’s your money on?

England v Argentina
Tevez = Argie = Arse









History shows us that Argentina produces quality arses. Particularly military generals. Here’s a very good example of an Argentine arse:

Quality Argentine Arse
Quality Argentine Arse












Say No To Vuvuzelas!

Along with the referees, the new ball and the underwhelming standard of play, this contemptible contraption has conspired to mar the current FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

Worryingly, stores here in Australia are unable to keep up with demand. For sports fans, this cannot be good news. The 2010 World Cup will always be remembered for these monotonous, obnoxious horns and God forbid they be allowed to permeate the Aussie sporting culture!

My advice is say ‘No’ and particularly if you cannot confirm their origin. For instance, I would highly recommend against importing vuvuzelas from Papua New Guinea, where they are more commonly referred to as a koteka or phallocrypt.

Wales v All Blacks 2nd Test in Hamilton

It’s abso-bloody-lutely belting it down here in Hamilton but the overwhelming urge to trawl the local bars for Welshmen is too strong…..hmm, that came out wrong?

What I mean is, it would be nice to meet up with the Welsh rugby fans who have descended on Hamilton in their droves for the 2nd Test tomorrow and partake of a few sherbets while we reminisce about the green, green grass of home; God’s country if you will.

I’ll have to get a taxi!

Yes, We Have No Julia Gillard Porn

Who in God’s name is searching for pictures of ‘julia gillard’s tits’, ‘julia gillard upskirt’, ‘dirty pictures of juilia (sic) gillard’ and ‘julia gillard porn’ in general? Seriously!

For the record, there are no sordid images of Julia Gillard on this site. There never have been and there never will be….even if she is a Barry Island girl.

Thanks Waikato Rugby Union

It goes without saying that an essential ingredient of going to watch a live International rugby match is the ticket but after days spent tracking down accommodation, I thought I’d left it too late….

Ticketek were telling me that only crap seats were available and that I might be confined to the temporary stand where die-hard fans actually stand and huddle around a 3 inch portable TV to share the experience. However, in the hope of a minor miracle, I called Waikato Rugby Union’s Sales Manager, John Mudford, who usually deals with the stadium’s hospitality goodness that us mere mortals only dream of affording. I explained my predicament and his response was short and sweet.

Gobbledegeek v The Bendigo BMX Bandits

An unnatural noise outside caught my attention where random wind-related sounds don’t. Given that the missus is working away in Melbourne, I couldn’t wake her to deal with it and so I had little choice but to drag myself out of bed. A sneaky peak out between the blinds revealed some low-life miscreant creeping up the driveway.

Being ever so courageous, I poked my head out of the front door and politely greeted the bugger! Yes, I actually called out “hello?” My God! What was I thinking? I immediately came to my senses and attempted to rescue the awkward (for me at least) situation with some choice expletives but the little sod was obviously so confused and startled by my effeminate (particularly blonde) initial greeting, that he had long since scarpered.