7ft slate bed pool table for sale in Bendigo – SOLD

Superior quality full size (7″ pub/comp) pool table for sale. One piece Italian slate bed. Very heavy extra chunky solid timber with large detachable and adjustable legs. Quality brass and leather trim. Blue English napped felt still playable but rubbers may need to be replaced soon. Cloth dust cover, genuine Aramith pool and snooker balls, cues and assorted accessories. Excellent condition. Well looked after.

$1200 ono.

Dismantled for easy (ish) transport. Pick up from Bendigo.

I will also throw in a domain name, website and hosting if interested.

Star Wars action figures sold separately.



Contact willhearne@gmail.com, through Facebook or comment below.

Bendigocuesports.com Alternative Website

Being a good friend of the guys over at Bendigo Web Design, I am often asked to review and spell check their new websites before going live. I was very interested in their alternative design for the bendigocuesports.com, which I am led to believe took all of a weekend to build.

The bendigocuesports website proper has taken a staggering number of months (more than a year, if I am not mistaken) and is still strewn with broken links, missing data and errors, not to mention a God-awful design and terrible navigation.

I am also led to believe that the alt.bendigocuesports.com was to be offered at a gold coin donation before the Bendigo Eightball Association president relinquished his post. No doubt the current website was paid for from team fees…..what a waste.

Anyway, having been given the opportunity to review it, I have to say that it looks more like a website I would like representing the associations than the current version.

Review each site yourself below. Bear in mind the alt version is a demonstration of design and not up to date, while the proper version is meant to be complete and working.



Current Site  |  Alternative Site