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Being a good friend of the guys over at Bendigo Web Design, I am often asked to review and spell check their new websites before going live. I was very interested in their alternative design for the, which I am led to believe took all of a weekend to build.

The bendigocuesports website proper has taken a staggering number of months (more than a year, if I am not mistaken) and is still strewn with broken links, missing data and errors, not to mention a God-awful design and terrible navigation.

I am also led to believe that the was to be offered at a gold coin donation before the Bendigo Eightball Association president relinquished his post. No doubt the current website was paid for from team fees…..what a waste.

Anyway, having been given the opportunity to review it, I have to say that it looks more like a website I would like representing the associations than the current version.

Review each site yourself below. Bear in mind the alt version is a demonstration of design and not up to date, while the proper version is meant to be complete and working.



Current Site  |  Alternative Site




Want a swap a pool table for a website?

The guys over at Bendigo Web Design are on the hunt for a pool table. Check out there article…

I am looking for a slate bed pool table in exchange for a website. If you have one but need a website more, this could be your lucky day!

If you have 7ft x 3.6ft slate bed pool table and are looking to move it on, I am willing to offer you a cutting edge, professional, feature-packed content management system based website which includes one year’s free domain name registration and one year’s free Aussie hosting, all to the value of $1699 and this even includes my legendary maintenance, technical support and the extra mile as standard.

I would also be willing to add extra value by including additional features, should the table merit.

For an idea of what you can expect, please visit the Bendigo Web Design portfolio.

The table must comprise a single piece slate bed and may be either a coin-op pub style or the more traditional home style. The felt needs to still have a generous amount of life in it with no tears or stains. The feet should be height adjustable and the overall condition should be very good; reasonable wear and tear accepted.

I am happy to arrange pickup.


Hosting account and website setup (50% complete).
I take delivery of table.
Domain registration and website completion.

I am actively searching for a suitable table and so this offer will not last long. If you are interested, please get in touch ASAP by using this contact form. You can also send me a text message or call on 04670 47692.

Soy Sauce Eggs Recipe (Shoyu Tamago)

These are as simple as George W Bush to prepare but can make a boring leafy salad interesting and gives the kids something to talk about at school over lunch.

Makes 4 servings


4 hard boiled eggs
5 tablespoons tamari soy sauce


1. Pour the soy sauce into a pan that is approximately 10 inches in diameter. Heat the soy sauce of medium-high heat. When the soy sauce starts foaming up, reduce the heat to medium heat and carefully add the eggs. Roll the eggs around in the soy sauce to coat them, and continue rolling them around the pan until the eggs are a dark mohagony color and the soy sauce has been reduced to a thick sludge.

2. Remove the eggs, letting any extra soy sauce drain off, and place on a plate to cool.

3. When the eggs have cooled completely, pack them into lunches or enjoy one as a snack. Just don’t leave them near my daughter, or else you’ll never get to have a bite!


Nepalese Pork Mince Curry

nepalese-pork-mince-curryHere’s my take on what is considered a Nepalese curry. Although other pork mince-based recipes found on the Net refer to a dry and fragrant dish, I needed mine to go a bit further using what I had.

The result is still a fragrant but subtle curry which relies heavily on the use of fresh coriander and is as wet as a weekend in Wales.




2 tbsp oil (peanut? I used olive oil)
1 tbsp yellow mustard powder
2 onions diced
1 celery stalk finely chopped
2 tsp ground cumin
1 tsp ground turmeric
2 tsp garam masala
1 tbsp coriander minced
3 large cloves garlic minced
1 tbsp ginger minced
500g pork mince
1 cup chicken stock (closer to 2 by the time I finished)
1 tbsp light soy sauce
1 tin cannellini beans (or substitute with green beans)
salt and pepper to taste
1 cup fresh coriander leaves rough chopped
1 tbsp flour (optional)


Chop the onion and celery and toss into the heated pan with olive oil. You could substitute with peanut oil or even ghee. Gently fry until the onion begins to soften and then add the garlic.

Add the mustard, cumin, turmeric and garam masala along with the minced ginger and cook for another couple of minutes.

Add the mince and continue stirring until browned.

At this point I added the minced coriander but if you are not a fan, leave this out.

Add the stock and mix thoroughly.

Add the cannellini beans and let it simmer gently for 20 minutes before adding the freshly chopped coriander and season as desired. If you prefer, use fresh green beans instead; they add great colour to the dish. It’s at this point you may want to add a little flour to help thicken it up a bit.

Serve alone with fresh green beans or with wholegrain rice. Try wheat instead of rice for something different. Just because I can, I’m serving with boiled potatoes tossed in butter and a little white pepper.


Aussie ‘Rape Victim’ Jailed

A 21 year old Australian female cries rape and gets 2 weeks in jail.

You might be forgiven for thinking the punishment was a bit harsh following such an alleged  traumatic ordeal at the hands of a Thai taxi driver; Lord knows it can be a painful enough experience with some cabbies. However it wasn’t until authorities watched video footage of her arriving safely at her holiday apartment that the truth became clear.

The unnamed 21 year old female tourist from Sydney, confessed to fabricating the story and was duly sentenced to two weeks in jail.

Personally, I believe her sentence should have been equivalent to that of a convicted rapist. Give the bitch 15 years to life and I guarantee she, and other ugly fat chicks will think twice before trying to ruin some innocent’s life and costing tax payers countless dollars and that’s on the assumption that she would ever make it out of jail alive.

Oh, a word to the authorities involved, please release her name. The public should be warned.

Absolutely despicable. Shame on you ugly fat Australian chick.

Read the article here.

Potty Principal Mars Mt Martha Primary School

A crazy primary school principal has banned touching at a primary school in Victoria.

The Mt Martha Primary School principal has extended a ban on contact sports to include all physical contact between students. No hugs, no high fives, no tag, no footy, no pats on the back and definitely no formal greetings.

A clearly delusional Judy Beckworth was reported to have said,

I don’t believe that’s it’s taking it too far, and that it’s not actually an overreaction.

The school’s potty principal claims that the unannounced rule change was in response to recent playground injuries and that anyone caught touching would be punished with ‘counselling sessions’.

They are given time to reflect. It’s like a counselling session

Get a bloody grip, woman!

It is alleged that a concerned parent contacted the school and was told they were doing it because staff on yard duty couldn’t tell the difference between aggression and friendly play.

Let’s not forget that these are the actions of the very same galactically challenged (don’t know what planet she’s on) space cadet who threatened to cut the school’s curriculum if parents didn’t make voluntary payments and demanded parents pay a $200 fee to cover toilet rolls.

Children need playgrounds to develop social skills and to test and learn physical limits. They do this by experiential learning; kids need to experience contact and inevitably, pain, in order to learn acceptable norms and their own safe limits.

To say Beckworth has lost touch is a gross understatement and she should be removed from her post before her insane policies cause irreparable damage to pupils.

Read all the madness here.

Leftovers Part 1 – Red Chilli Chicken and Sour Cream

With five kids, I’m always looking for ways to make the most of meal times and so I expect that this will be the first of many posts on the subject of leftovers.

Being head chef in our house means I usually get the proportions and amounts just about spot on but from time to time, particularly when we have a late omission or two from the guest list, leftovers are inevitable. Such was the situation on the eve of the Queen’s Birthday.

So if you are wondering what to do with half a roast chicken, a couple of roast parsnips and a good handful of roast potatoes, read on.

After a mooch about in the fridge, I pulled out garlic, onions, a fresh red chilli and a pot of sour cream, chicken stock (I used Chicken Oxo), cayenne pepper, sweet paprika and fresh ground black pepper.

Dice and fry off one large brown onion in a couple of tablespoons of olive oil.

As the onions start to go translucent and soften, add about a heaped teaspoon of chopped/minced garlic. I’ve been using the minced garlic in a jar from Coles and while it is very handy, it doesn’t seem as strong as fresh. If you are using fresh, I’d suggest you use 2 or 3 medium to large cloves.

Next, take the red chilli and split down the middle lengthways. I used a teaspoon and scraped out the seeds but if you like the heat, leave them in. Chop finely and add to the onions and garlic.

Sprinkle about half a teaspoon of cayenne and about the same of paprika over the onions.

Pick remaining meat from the chicken carcass and add to the pan.

Chop up and add the potatoes and parsnips.

Once the ingredients are combined, add a little boiled water. I started with a cup and added an additional splash or two throughout the rest of the cooking but it’s all about your own personal preference. In this instance, if you like it thin add more, thick less. Bear in mind that you will be adding sour cream next.

Add three large tablespoons of sour cream and gently combine. As an afterthought, I blended in a couple of tablespoons of tomato paste.

As everything comes up to heat, both in terms of temperature and taste,  you can add more cayenne if you wish.

You could probably serve this with green beans or mangetout (snow peas) and some crusty bread.


The Gillard-Ling Mashup (Sorry – No porn!)

julia gillard and cameron ling mashupThank God! At last I can post something related to Julia Gillard that won’t be discovered by Googling for porn!

“Julia Gillard porn?” I hear you exclaim.

Yes. It all started with this rather innocuous mini-post, way back on the 8th September 2009.

Traffic really exploded, as explained in this follow-up post but for a detailed breakdown in the disturbing Gillard-related traffic, read this post.

And so to reaffirm the clear message in this post, you will not find any dodgy Julia Gillard imagery here, sorry.