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News.com.au – Mainstream News or Personal Blog?

News.com.au is a strange and confusing entity. On one hand, it reports serious news as one would expect but it devalues itself by allowing a number of God-awful so-called journalists to promote their own personal opinions or agendas in the form of asinine prattle.

One particularly detestable exponent of the banal is (more…)

Tom Jones’ AFL Grand Final rugby ‘blunder’

tom-jones-afl-grand-final-2014So, 74 year old Tom has accidentally referred to the AFL players as ‘rugby players’. Big deal, you so-called journalists refer to players of every code as ‘footballers’.

Is this faux pas really in any way comparable to the off-key, out-of-synch wailing from Meat Loaf last year? For the sake of mediocre copy I guess it is but it’s not unusual for you grammatically and literary challenged gob-shites to over-exaggerate and over-influence a ‘story’ with your own agenda.

Shame on you.